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I was a commissioned to build a pipe for Jerry Eischeid. Jerry had an idea for a pipe based on an old German porcelain wine pipe of his Great Great Grandfathers. He found a pipe on my website that could be used to replicate his German wine pipe. The style is my version of the Bo Nordh Ramses pipe. I had to incorporate a shank on the pipe shank that was as long and ornate as the wine pipe. I had a couple ideas and discussed them with Jerry. He added some input of his own and together we created this pipe. The wood sections of the shank are palm wood turned cross grain on the lathe. The other sections are deer antler turned on the lathe. The rings are briar and stained to match the burgundy color of the pipe. Jerry decided to have a stand made to display his custom pipe. With the deer antler on the shank, I decided to adapt my signature deer antler pipe stand and tamper. This pipe and stand has been one of my most enjoyable commissioned pipes to date.

Custom Pipe

Jerry wrote an article on our project and got it published on To read the full article, visit To view the completed project, view my Pipe Gallery page.

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