Pipe Makers Emporium is a great site for the novice or experienced pipe maker. They have a large supply of briar, stems, rods, tools, and supplies for the manufacturing of briar pipes. www.pipemmakers.org

J. H. Lowe & Co. has been providing smoking pipe parts and supplies for the pipe repairman and pipe maker for 61 years. Tim West owner of J. H. Lowe always has the time to answer your questions on pipe repair and pipe making. Tim has been making and repairing pipes for 33 years. He is a very nice guy to know and to talk with. www.jhlowe.com

Cornell & Diehl is a pipe tobacco manufacturing company that specializes in blending the finest smoking tobaccos the old fashioned way, in small batches by hand. I like a strong English blend and I think theirs is the best. www.cornellanddiehl.com

Cupojoes is a pipe shop and website that has 1000’s of pipes from some of the best pipe makers from all over the world. They also sell pipe tobacco and accessories. Cupojoes always has twelve or more of my pipes on their website. If you can’t find just the right pipe on my website you might find one on theirs. Click on pipes then click on Creative Briar Pipes. www.cupojoes.com

Pipedia is a great site for anyone who is a pipe enthusiast. It has information on anything to do with pipes and pipe making. You can spend hours on this site.   www.pipedia.org

North Oakland Tobacco & Pipe Club is a pipe club in the Detroit suburb of Warren MI.  I am a member of the club. We meet the first Thursday of every month from 7pm – 11pm. Our meeting place has a British Pup atmosphere with a bar that has some great English brew on tap. It is a great place to relax and have a smoke in the companionship of other pipe smokers, and discuss pipes and tobaccos. New members are always welcome.  www.not-pc.org

Jon & Jennifer Rinaldi are good friends of mine. He is an outstanding pipe maker and his wife is a true artist. I thought you might want to check his website. Jon’s pipes are beautiful and Jen’s hand sculptured pipe stands are a works of art.  www.jrinaldipipes.com

Donald Kesling is a pipe maker I met a couple years ago at the Columbus Ohio Pipe & Tobacco show. We have become good friends through our passion for pipe making. He is a very talented pipe maker that has an eye for the unusual in style and design.  www.keslingbriarpipes.com

Smokers Club is a pipe shop in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Dave Sprunger is the owner, a gentleman and very knowledgeable in pipes and tobacco. They have a large selection of pipes and tobacco blends. He is a distributor of Creative Briar Pipes and always has a selection of Creative Briar Pipes at his shop. If you are in the area you might want to visit the shop and check them out. 100 S. Mission St. Suite C   ph. 989-775-8536

Paul’s Pipe Shop is an institution in the city of Flint Michigan. It is a family owned business established in 1928. The shop has 1000’s of pipes to choose from. If you are in the area be sure to stop in and browse around. Paul’s Pipe Shop is a distributor of Creative Briar Pipes. 647 S. Saginaw Street, Flint Mi. 48502   ph. 810-235-0581

Iwan Ries & Co. is now a distributor of Creative Briar Pipes. This is America’s oldest family owned tobacconist company. If you are in Chicago and would like to see some of my pipes, be sure to visit them. You can also see my pipes and many more manufactures on their website www.iwanries.com