If you are looking for a unique pipe, you might want to check this one. The pipe has a very nice grain pattern with no flaws in the briar. The top of the pipe has a beautiful birds eye grain and the shank has a straight grain running the length of the shank. I highlighted the grain with a black top coat to accent the grain. I added a dark green and black Cumberland stem that was handmade from rod. This is truly a one of a kind pipe.


Pipe #: 10103 SOLD
Price  $350.00 
Stem  Cumberland Rod 
Length  7.8in. (198.1mm) 
Bowl Height  3.0in. (76.2) 
Weight  3.1oz. (102grams)

Pipe 10103Pipe 10103Pipe 10103Pipe 10103Pipe 10103Pipe 10103