This pipe was carved from a block of Italian Plateaux Briar. The grain in this pipe is outstanding. The grain follows the horn style of the pipe on both sides with a beautiful birds eye pattern on the front and back. I highlighted the grain with a black over coat, then lightly buffed the pipe to reveal the stunning grain. The stem is a black and silver Lucite that
complements the color of the pipe nicely. This is the type of pipe that would look outstanding in any collection of pipes.


Pipe # 09014
Price $300.00 (SOLD)
Stem Lucite
Length 6.0 in. (152.4mm)
Bowl Height 2.5in. (63.5mm)
Weight 2.8 oz. (80 grams)

Pipe 9014Pipe 9014Pipe 9014Pipe 9014Pipe 9014Pipe 9014