This is a new style pipe I developed. The pipe has a stem and shank extension similar to my Ramses style pipe, but has a Volcano style shape to the bowl. I am very excited with the concept of blending the two styles together. I think the pipe turned out beautifully. It has a very graceful symmetry to it. If you stand the pipe on end it resembles a Cobra about to strike, so I decided to refer to this style pipe as my Cobra style. The finish is a very delicate rusticated finish that was applied to the entire pipe except the bottom and back side that is smooth and highlighted with a black stain to bring out the beautiful birds eye grain pattern. The rusticated area is stained black to complement the black Lucite stem and extension. I am hoping this new style will be as popular as my Ramses style pipe. Let me know what you think.


Pipe #: 09025
Price: $275.00 (SOLD)
Stem: Lucite
Length: 6.5in. (165.1mm)
Bowl Height: 2.0in. (50.8mm)
Weight: 3.8oz. (107grams)

Pipe 9025Pipe 9025Pipe 9025Pipe 9025Pipe 9025
Pipe 9025